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The Dixie Divas is a diverse group of ladies from the Gulf Coast area. Each in their own way are different but all share the same goal---to stay close through friendship. The group is made up of women in all walks of life, artist, bankers, hair dressers, clerical and house wives. Their love of God, family and friends is very important and makes for a wonderful relationship.



"You don't stop playing, because you get old. You get old, because you stop playing."
~ words to live by according to the Dixie Divas of Biloxi, Mississippi.


"It is a proven fact that women who bond with a group of eight or more, can add another year or so to their lives. At our age, this is a great selling factor," boast Mary Cantrell of the Dixie Divas. "Some of us have been together since grade school. We are a diverse group of ladies -- bankers, hairdressers, home makers, those in the clerical field, plus an artist.

The pink flamingo (Stinky Pinky) is the Dixie Divas mascot.

The Dixie Divas of Biloxi, Mississippi at a meeting discussing the social graces. Princess Di was a special guest and inspiration.